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From $250/person

Course Overview:

Explore beginner quillwork techniques. Work with colourful porcupine quills, quillwork tools and a simple design. Students will create a keychain to share with family and friends by the completion of this course. 

Approximately 2.5 hours. Maximum 10 students. 

Note: As part of my commitment to sustainability and ensuring that future enthusiasts can also partake in the art of quillwork, all materials are provided for use during the workshop only. We encourage everyone to embrace this shared resource approach, allowing the beauty of quillwork to also be experienced by future participants.

Since natural supplies are subject to seasonal collection and processing, workshops will be available while supplies last.

Use the contact page to book yourself or your group.

Events & Workshops: Products
Events & Workshops: Products




What You’re Going To Learn

In this workshop, you’re going to learn the foundational skills that you can take home and build on over the coming weeks, months and years to create your own beautiful quillwork.

  • Materials: learn the basics of working with birch bark; learn the steps involved in porcupine quill care and a dying technique; learn tips and tricks for seasonal harvesting of both birchbark and porcupine quills.

  • Tools: learn how to use quillwork tools and practice basic lines, side by side fill, outline and fill, slanted fill and scrolling vine.

  • Designs – take a look at traditional and modern quillwork designs to find inspiration.

  • Patterns – design your own pattern and learn how to transpose your quillwork pattern onto your birchbark.

Course Fees and Materials

Materials and course fees for this Intensive Quillwork Workshop have been generously covered by Ontario Arts Council.

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